Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accidents – We’ve Got You Covered

Accidents happen – It’s a fact of life. Even the most experienced and well-prepared anglers might find themselves in trouble through no fault of their own. 

According to official figures from the Water Incident database (WAID) 10 anglers died while fishing in 2017. The chances of it happening to you are miniscule but it could be you and the statistics are a stark reminder that fishing, something we do for fun and relaxation, cane pose some very serious threats for the unlucky and unprepared.

That’s why the Angling Trust is very pleased to now be providing personal members, and members of affiliated clubs fishing in club events, with personal accident insurance of up to £5000. This fantastic new membership benefit – which is addition to your public liability insurance — gives Angling Trust members peace of mind when fishing that, in the event an accident, we’ve got you covered. *

If you fish from a boat you’ll need to wear a lifejacket for your personal accident cover to apply. This includes lifejackets, buoyancy aids, PFDs, floatation suits and other personal safety equipment. All the you need to do is check with our insurers about which is required for your circumstances.

Once you’ve done that why not head to where Angling Trust members can now benefit from 10 per cent off Harveys range of lifejackets. Simply go online, access the members’ only section of the Angling Trust website, and enter the promotional code.

Harveys lifejackets range from only £54.99 t0 £74.99 and are proudly British made as well as being lightweight and easy to wear for angling. Manual as well as automatic options are available with all versions providing 150 Newtons of buoyancy. So, whether you are wrecking for pollack in the English Channel, casting a fly on a reservoir, or heading out on your kayak, there’s an affordable product to suit you.

We are encouraging all members, whether fishing from boats or not, to consider their safety more seriously and wear appropriate safety equipment. Research by the RNLI which the Angling Trust helped with in 2012 showed that many of those who get into trouble sea fishing are fishing from the shore.

Rogue waves, slippery rocks and anglers pushing themselves to know what the mark might hold just round the ‘next’ headland make for all too familiar news stories of fatal accidents. And it’s by no means just confined to anglers fishing at sea. So often lives could have been saved by lifejackets being worn.

Just remember, if it saves your life your lifejacket will be the best value and most important piece of fishing kit you will ever buy.

  • For more information on the insurance policy details visit the Membership Benefits section of the Angling Trust website.