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Here you go.
HOORAY!! - somebody managed to get out boat fishing!

Bill Cassar of Honiton SAC fishing on the boat Bluefin out of Ilfracombe managed to bag this superb 18lb Spur Dog that gives Bill a specimen rating of 180.00%.

This puts Bill into first place in March's Senior Photo Fish Competition.

Congratulations to Bill.
The winner of the Junior Photo Fish Competition for February is!!!

Harvey Nicholson of Rodbenders SAC Juniors who caught a shore Whiting of 511gms (1lb 2ozs ) which gave Harvey a winning specimen size of 75%.

Congratulations to Harvey - please contact the West Bay Angling Centre to claim your prize.
The winner of February's Senior Photo Fish of the Month is!!

Steve Harwood of West Bay SAC with a a shore caught Whiting of 786 gms (1lbs 12ozs) which gave Steve a specimen size of 115.42% .

Congratulation to Steve, please contact Darren at The Tackle Box (01297 443373) to claim your prize.
Please support.
Another entry for February's Junior Photo Fish competition.

Archie Hawkins of Honiton SAC Juniors with a 1lb 13ozs L.S. Dogfish caught off Seaton Beach which gave Archie a specimen size of 72.50%.

This puts Archie into second place in this months competition.
Apparently we have taken a blasting recently about our slapton open on a local face book group by a competitor on the day who said he felt dissatisfied that after turning up to sign on 15 minutes before the fishing start time (1pm), he could not find a place to fish infront the car park lol. He also asked why we did not fish the torcross end!  All we can say is if the gentleman had bothered to come along and  looked at it at 10am like the 81 other competitors did, A/ HE would have seen the conditions then we were faced with B/ he probably would have got a space in front either car park.

We would like to thank everyone else who supported our event, it was a tuff day to fish, and our entry took a hit but thanks to you all for your support.

Next years date will be announced shortly.
We have a new entry in February's Senior Photo Fish of the Month!

Steve Harwood of West Bay SAC with a shore catch and release Whiting of 786gms (1lbs 12ozs) caught at West Bexington.

This gives Steve a specimen size of 115.42% and puts him into 1st place in February's competition.