Fish of the Month Results

The Fish of the Month competition runs from October through to September and awards are presented at the presentation evening in late January held at the Royal British Legion in Exeter.

The Details…

Every year, for a subscription of £10 from each participating Wyvern Sea Angling club, clubs are invited to submit entries from club members on fish that have been weighed on calibrated scales for the Fish of the Month and Castle Trophy Competition.

The Fish of the Month entry form should be sent to Hon. Fish Recorder Paul Cottell, 3 Hayley Park, Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 5RF Ph: 01803 873428.

All forms should be sent to the Fish Recorder at the above address by the 10th of the following month along with a self stamped addressed envelope if confirmation of registration is required.

The person submitting the form should clearly indicate whether the fish is caught-and-kept or catch-and-release.

For both Senior competitions a specimen fish of over 100% must be submitted.

FISH OF THE MONTH 2022 - 20223
Aug-23Senior Boat WinnerPaul MillmanPaignton SAARed Gurnard1lbs 8ozs 0drms120.00%
Senior Boat Runner-upJeff BrownlowCastaways SACScad1lbs 2ozs 8drms92.50%
Senior Shore WinnerLee TreebyPot Black SACBream6lbs 3ozs 0drms176.23%
Senior Shore Runner-up Stephen ArnoldRodbenders SACSmoothhound16lbs 3ozs 0drms161.87%
Junior Boat WinnerGiovani LivioPaigton SAAScad1lbs 5ozs 0drms158.13%
Junior Boat Runner-upDempsey HeppenstallLyme Regis SACTub Gurnard2lbs 7ozs 0drms139.29%
Junior Boat Runner-up 2N Entries
Junior Boat Runner-up 3N Entries
Junior Shore WinnerJoshua JohnsonRodbenders SACThin Lipped Mullet5lbs 9ozs 0drms239.69%
Junior Shore Runner-upGrace PatrickBrixham SACGilthead Bream3lbs 9ozs 0drms109.62%
Junior Shore Runner-up 2McKenzie LettridgePot Black SACWrasse3lbs 1ozs 8drms103.13%
Junior Shore Runner-up 3Masie UphamBrixham SACWrasse2lbs 14ozs 4drms96.35%
Jul-23Senior Boat WinnerMark NorforkLyme Regis SACRed Gurnard1lbs 12ozs 0drms140.00%
Senior Boat Runner-upFred DoeyCastaways SACScad1lbs 3ozs 8drms97.50%
Senior Shore WinnerRobert WheatonRodbenders SACGilthead Bream5lbs 11ozs 0drms162.50%
Senior Shore Runner-up Stewart GrayCastsaways SACSmoothhound15lbs 6ozs 0drms153.75%
Junior Boat WinnerNo Entries
Junior Boat Runner-upNo Entries
Junior Boat Runner-up 2No Entries
Junior Boat Runner-up 3No Entries
Junior Shore WinnerArchie SweetlandHoniton SACRed Gurnard0lbs 11ozs 0drms137.38%
Junior Shore Runner-upEthan HammondBrixham SACThin Lipped Mullet2lbs 0ozs 12drms86.88%
Junior Shore Runner-up 2No Entries
Junior Shore Runner-up 3No Entries
Jun-23Senior Boat WinnerPaul MillmanPaignton SAAThornback Ray16lbs 1 ozs 0drms133.85%
Senior Boat Runner-upSallie DateTorbay & Babbacombe ASABull Huss15lbs 11ozs 0drms130.73%
Senior Shore WinnerSteven kingPlymouth Sound SACGilthead Bream8lbs 5ozs 12drms239.72%
Senior Shore Runner-up Pete HutchinsTorbay & Babbacombe ASASmoothhound18lbs 10ozs 0drms232.81%
Junior Boat WinnerLille-Rose ClarkeHoniton SACBull Huss3lbs 8ozs 0drms41.18%
Junior Boat Runner-upNo entries
Junior Boat Runner-up 2No entries
Junior Boat Runner-up 3No entries
Junior Shore WinnerMason PriceWest Bay SACThick Lipped Mullet4lbs 3ozs 0drms139.58%
Junior Shore Runner-upArchie SweetlandHoniton SACBass7lbs 5ozs 0drms132.96%
Junior Shore Runner-up 2Archie SweetlandHoniton SACSmall Eyed Ray8lbs 5ozs 0drms127.89%
Junior Shore Runner-up 3Ethan HammondBrixham SACSmoothhound6lbs 12ozs 8drms123.30%
May-23Senior Boat WinnerTom TraversHoniton SACSmoothhound19lbs 3ozs 0drms147.50%
Senior Boat Runner-upSallie DateTorbay & babbacombe ASAThorn Back Ray17lbs 6ozs 4drms144.80%
Senior Shore WinnerDave HorillPlymouth SACGilthead Bream9lbs 9ozs 4drms273.66%
Senior Shore Runner-up Dan HaleTeignmouth SASSmoothhound14lbs 7ozs 0drms180.40%
Junior Boat WinnerJack TraversHoniton SACCuckoo Wrasse0lbs 14ozs 0drms100.00%
Junior Boat Runner-upLillie-Rose ClarkeHoniton SACConger Eel11lbs 8ozs 0drms33.40%
Junior Boat Runner-up 2No Enteries
Junior Boat Runner-up 3
Junior Shore WinnerArchie SweetlandHoniton SACSmoothhound9lbs 13ozs 0drms178.41%
Junior Shore Runner-upArchie SweetlandHoniton SACSmoothhound11lbs 3ozs 0drms159.82%
Junior Shore Runner-up 2Kimberley CostelloPot Black SACGrey Mullet3lbs 9ozs 8drms110.58%
Junior Shore Runner-up 3Leo AlgarHoniton SACLS Dogfish1lbs 6ozs 8drms80.36%
Apr-23Senior Boat WinnerDean BaileyPlymouth Sound SACSpurdog20lbs 11ozs 0drms147.77%
Senior Boat Runner-upM RobertsPaignton SAABull Huss14lbs 3ozs 0drms141.88%
Senior Shore WinnerSi TrimHoniton SACTurbot4lbs 5ozs 0drms143.75%
Senior Shore Runner-up Andrew HoughtonBrixham SACBull Huss13lbs 14ozs 0drms138.75%
Junior Boat WinnerJacob DumbchekPlymouth Sound SACSpurdog16lbs 4ozs 0drms171.05%
Junior Boat Runner-upJacob DumbchekPlymouth Sound SACSpurdog16lbs 3ozs 0drms160.07%
Junior Boat Runner-up 2Jacob DumbchekPlymouth Sound SACSpurdog13lbs 10ozs 0drms143.42%
Junior Boat Runner-up 3Lille-Rose ClarkeHoniton SACLS Dogfish2lbs 3ozs 0drms109.38%
Junior Shore WinnerArchie SweetlandHoniton SACLS Dogfish2lbs 8ozs 0drms125.00%
Junior Shore Runner-upArchie SweetlandHoniton SACSmall Eyed Ray8lbs 1 ozs 0drms124.06%
Junior Shore Runner-up 2No Enteries
Junior Shore Runner-up 3
Mar-23Senior Boat WinnerTony SwainPlymouth Sound SACBull Huss14lbs 12ozs 0drms122.92%
Senior Boat Runner-upMatthew ParryPlymouth Sound SACBlonde Ray27lbs 5ozs 0drms118.75%
Senior Shore WinnerAlan HobbsRoving Rods SACSpotted Ray6lbs 3ozs 0drms137.50%
Senior Shore Runner-up Josh ClarkD.O.E SAC£3 Beard Rockling1lbs 12ozs 14drms120.31%
Junior Boat WinnerHarry FarleyPlymouth Sound SACConger Eel23lbs 10ozs 0drms67.50%
Junior Boat Runner-upNo Enteries
Junior Boat Runner-up 2
Junior Boat Runner-up 3
Junior Shore Winner
Junior Shore Runner-up
Junior Shore Runner-up 2
Junior Shore Runner-up 3
Feb-23Senior Boat WinnerFred DoeyCastaways SACBlonde Ray27lbs 5ozs 8drms123.23%
Senior Boat Runner-upMathew ParryPlymouth Sound SACSpurdog15lbs 12ozs 0drms112.50%
Senior Shore WinnerBrandon DawCastaways SACBass12lbs 8ozs 0drms156.25%
Senior Shore Runner-up Lee SmithCormorants SACThree bearded Rockling1lbs 14ozs 8drms127.08%
Junior Boat WinnerHarry DukeFishing For Fun SACPollock16lbs 10ozs 0drms151.14%
Junior Boat Runner-upDeclan MillerChasing Shadows SACLS Dogfish2lbs 10ozs 0drms131.25%
Junior Boat Runner-up 2No Enteries
Junior Boat Runner-up 3
Junior Shore Winner
Junior Shore Runner-up
Junior Shore Runner-up 2
Junior Shore Runner-up 3
Jan-23Senior Boat WinnerTom TraversHoniton SACCuckoo Wrasse1lbs 10ozs 0drms130.00%
Senior Boat Runner-upSallie DateTorquay & Babbacombe ASABull Huss12lbs 15ozs 12drms108.20%
Senior Shore WinnerRoy ReptonBrixham SACBallan Wrasse7lbs 2ozs 8drms178.91%
Senior Shore Runner-up Ross StewartHoniton SACSpurdog12lbs 10ozs 0drms157.81%
Junior Boat WinnerHenry Bowmanpaignton SAALS Dogfish3lbs 3ozs 0drms159.36%
Junior Boat Runner-upHenry Bowmanpaignton SAASpurdog10lbs 9ozs 0drms111.18%
Junior Boat Runner-up 2Jack TraversHoniton SACLS Dogfish1lbs 13ozs 0drms90.63%
Junior Boat Runner-up 3Jack TraversHoniton SACWhiting1lbs 1ozs 0drms47.22%
Junior Shore WinnerJacquline costelloPot Black SACMegrim1lbs 1ozs 0drms141.67%
Junior Shore Runner-upJoshua JohnsonRodbenders SACWhiting1lbs 5ozs 0drms131.25%
Junior Shore Runner-up 2Mason CraigCastaways SACWhiting1lbs 3ozs 8drms121.88%
Junior Shore Runner-up 3Stanley PhippsBrixham SACWhiting0lbs 11ozs 0drms68.75%
Dec-22Senior Boat WinnerMike AdkinsPaignton SAASpurdog17lbs 6ozs 0drms124.11%
Senior Boat Runner-upNo Entries
Senior Shore WinnerSteve FredrickCastaways SACSmall Eyed Ray12lbs 8ozs 0drms138.89%
Senior Shore Runner-up (Joint)Shaun Gullup Pot black SACWhiting2lbs 1ozs 0drms137.50%
Jamie SweetChasing Shadows SAC
Junior Boat WinnerNo Entries
Junior Boat Runner-up
Junior Boat Runner-up 2
Junior Boat Runner-up 3
Junior Shore WinnerChloe HobbsPot Black SACWhiting1lbs 9ozs 0drms156.25%
Junior Shore Runner-upJoshua JohnsonRodbenders SACGrey Mullet4lbs 12ozs 8drms147.12%
Junior Shore Runner-up 2No Entries
Junior Shore Runner-up 3
Nov-22Senior Boat WinnerAndy BealeLyme Regis SACRed Gurnard2lbs 0ozs 0drms160.00%
Senior Boat Runner-upTom TraversHoniton SACBass10lbs 0ozs 0drms105.26%
Senior Shore WinnerSteve VosperD.O.E SACSmall Eyed Ray13lbs 11ozs 12drms171.68%
Senior Shore Runner-upMark ProctorRoving Rods SACSmall Eyed Ray11lbs 10ozs 0drms145.31%
Junior Boat WinnerNo Entries
Junior Boat Runner-up
Junior Boat Runner-up 2
Junior Boat Runner-up 3
Junior Shore WinnerJoshua JohnsonRodbenders SACGrey Mullet3lbs 13ozs 0drms127.08%
Junior Shore Runner-upLillie-Rose ClarkeHoniton SACWhiting1lbs 1oz 0drms106.25%
Junior Shore Runner-up 2Lillie-Rose ClarkeHoniton SACLesser Spotted Dogfish1lbs 9ozs 0drms8.29%
Junior Shore Runner-up 3No Entries
Oct-22Senior Boat WinnerShaun MillerChasing Shadows SACThornback Ray15lbs 8ozs 0drms193.75%
Senior Boat Runner-upRob MarshallBrixham SACThornback Ray13lbs 3ozs 4drms110.03%
Senior Shore WinnerIan DraperWest Bay SACGolden Grey Mullet2lbs 14ozs 6drms193.23%
Senior Shore Runner-upM BaileyPaignton SAARed Mullet2lbs 4ozs 5drms181.31%
Junior Boat WinnerNo Entries
Junior Boat Runner-up
Junior Boat Runner-up 2
Junior Boat Runner-up 3
Junior Shore WinnerJoshua JohnsonRodbenders SACGrey Mullet4lbs 12ozs 0drms158.33%
Junior Shore Runner-upLeo AlgarHoniton SACLesser Spotted Dogfish1lb 3oz 8drms69.64%
Junior Shore Runner-up 2No Entries
Junior Shore Runner-up 3